Work with me

Want to work together? Here are ways I can serve you:

Media communications

Press kits, press releases, relationship building with the media to secure coverage for your event, release, album, novel, website, you name it. I can also assist with blog management, social media management, magazine coordination

Music-focused writing

Whether you need album liner-notes, artist/composer biographies, concerts programme notes, music-centric web copy, interviews with artists or album reviews, I’m your woman! This music-specialised storyteller can keep it relatable and light, dive more in-depth or anything in between.

Content, copy and consultancy

I can help you define your messaging to streamline your brand identity, find your written voice and tell your story. I produce pristine and direct brand-focused copy. My services can also include text restructuring and editing.

How can I help?

With my love of clarity and authenticity, of words and pictures, of storytelling using the most useful words, I can help give you that lift so you can take a load off your mind.

Lazuli Media, the brand-enhancing content-curating business, will save you a lot of valuable time so you can stop worrying about ineffective copy, but instead walk away with a clearer brand identity so that you can reach more clients. Let me guess – you’re sitting down to write and the words just aren’t flowing. Or the words are in place but it’s not easy to know how to structure the content. You’re excited to get your goals off the ground but words are weighing you down……. Get in touch!


“Rachel’s writing captures the spirit and energy of our festival in her press releases and content writing. For us, this is key in communicating our aims and the experience of our festival, which differs from stereotypes. Rachel has been supporting St. Patrick’s Festival Amsterdam since 2015 and helped us communicate very effectively with key segments of our audiences. Very importantly also, Rachel is a fabulous person and a delight to work with!”

Deirdre Daly, Co-Founder & Communications Director, St Patrick’s Festival Amsterdam

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