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Welcome to Lazuli Media, the PR and copywriting consultancy that can help you to get your newsworthy story out there and reinforce your brand’s essence through thoughtful use of words. Looking for press kits, press releases and getting your event/release/product/story into the media? Then get in touch.

Who I work with

Whether you are an agency, an educational organisation or a small business owner, you have a one-of-a-kind story to tell or an event or product to promote. Speak to your audience and say it with soul. Here’s who I help with my expertise:


The value I offer, (besides immaculate copy!) is understanding the brand, what makes the brand unique, what challenges a brand faces and how I can solve any copy stumbling blocks.

Creating brand language that comes from the heart, from your truest self, is the only way to ensure that it can be sustainable and have a lasting impact. I can help you amplify your true message!

Artists & Events

Coming from a background in the performing arts, more specifically classical music, I’ve been there and I know self-promotion is a vital part of being an artist, musician, dancer, photographer, designer, you name it! Leave the doubt behind and let me free up your time so you can focus on what you were born to do!


Startups new on the scene, newbies striking off on a solo business venture, brand new companies with a million-and-one tasks on their plate… All companies need a substantial online presence, the sooner the better. Nowadays, consistent copy is vital for visibility, credibility and relatability.

How you write about your brand can set you up for success.

Get in touch

Get in touch and we’ll discuss what your plan of action is, what it is you want to promote, what you want to put into words, what sort of story you want to tell and in what voice you want to tell it!

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