Lazuli Media is an independent PR, copywriting and brand language consultancy which helps you define your messaging to streamline your brand identity, find your written voice and tell your company story.

Writing can be time-consuming. On the other hand, writing is fundamental. Being “seen and not heard” is all very well, but it’s important to speak up, tell your story and keep the storytelling juices flowing.

Whether it’s punchy sales copy or longform blog posts, it is important for any business with a web presence to have useful language and consistency in messaging across all channels, from website to social media to print. Lazuli Media is all about success via words.


Hi, I’m Rachel Deloughry, AKA Rachel Belle, creative writer, editor and content consultant with a love of curating original and authentic content. I love music, tea and helping others tell their story in a way that makes their personality shine through and express a brand’s true meaning. I can help your brand gain its identity through authentic brand language that speaks to customers, potential clients and the media.

Founded on creativity

With a lifetime passion for culture, creativity and the arts, my experience hails mostly from the music industry, especially classical music.

Born and raised in Cork, Ireland, a Masters of Music study brought me to the Netherlands in 2009. During and shortly after my studies, I discovered something: while I’ve always loved performing and being on stage and the creativity and discipline that go with it, I was keen to explore my researcher/writer side and meanwhile, I was always intrigued by the behind-the-scenes part of the music industry and loved anything to do with publications, well-written copy and interconnectivity of our music world.

So I began to build a career for myself in writing and communications. From building up the content department for a music streaming website, Primephonic, and helping their brand visibility, to writing useful information for expats on the top English language news site in the Netherlands, IamExpat, meanwhile teaching classical music, I’ve fused my major passions to create Lazuli Media.

How can I help?

The ways in which I can help people have become more and more clear to me and having built up valuable experiences, I’ve created something of my own, which could help you!

Get in touch: rachel@lazulimedia.com

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